Some lives really seem to be predetermined. The founders of the company, brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann, have been under the grips of their "car" fascination from early on and until today it has not let go.

A visit to the 1985 Essen Motor Show provided the kick-start for an ambitious goal: the realisation of their own sports car with a fascinating old-fashioned shape, but with state-of-the-art technology. Because the cars exhibited in Essen did not arouse the feeling that Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann expected of a sports car of this class: passion.

What followed is a prime example of what thought, drive and perseverance can achieve. Their modest beginnings in their cellar were simply the prelude to the impressive development of their company, which today, more than 1,500 sports cars later, continues.

Today Wiesmann is the leading manufacturer for puristic sports cars, with extensive experience in design and car development. Buckle up and experience some of the milestones of this fascinating success story.


In the beginning there was passion

The two brothers are already infected by their passion for motor racing as children:
Here is Martin Wiesmann at his first soap box derby.


Development and first test drives

The early constructions are developed in a private cellar.

After the final checks on the almost-completed chassis they are ready: The first test drives are a success!


Even a diamond must be polished

The Roadster developed slowly, but with solid forms!

After many hours of work, the first prototype is developed.


Beginning of the production of hard tops

The Wiesmann increasingly attracts more attention and the first sales conversations take place.

At the same time, the second foothold gains momentum:
the production of hard tops.


Acquisition of the Telgenkamp factory

Just a few years after the presentation of the first Wiesmann prototype, the time has come: A bigger production facility is required and acquired.
The production of hard tops and the (ongoing) development of the Roadster take place here.


Production begins for the Roadster MF3

The goal is achieved: After 5 years of development, production of the Roadster MF3 begins -  

and it is an absolute success!


Premiere of the GT MF4


Wiesmann branch office in Frankfurt

The first Wiesmann branch office is opened in Frankfurt/Main and heralds ongoing expansion.


The new manufactory

Corporate development has reached new proportions, and the old headquarters at Telgenkamp in Dülmen must also pay tribute: it is simply too small.
With the opening of the new manufactory, Wiesmann sets a new standard.



World premiere of the Roadster MF4 and MF5

The year 2009 is fully committed to the Roadster: 2 new models expand the Wiesmann family. The world premiere of the Roadster MF4 in March 2009 at the 79th Motor Show in Geneva in September follows the world premiere of the Roadster MF5 at the 63rd IAA in Frankfurt.


Roadster MF3 Final Edition

Eighteen years after the first Wiesmann MF3 Roadster came on the market, this era is drawing to a close: the last of the 6-cylinder inline engine models are now being produced in our factory.

On the occasion of this finale we are presenting the exclusive final edition by SIEGER.

These last MF3 Roadsters will conquer the roads as absolutely unique specimens. Although the basic design does connect these exotic specimens with one another, each Roadster will receive an extraordinary, unique and definitively incomparable design

Individuality at its best: the Roadster MF3.