Individuality manifests itself in many different forms. But none will transport you to a higher plane of enjoyment than a sports car by Wiesmann. This, of course, is due to its incomparable driving dynamics – and even more so due to the philosophy behind its manufacture. 

It combines what are seemingly opposites concerning the conscientious handling of resources: elements of motor racing with individual life style, timeless design with the latest technology, torque engines with lightweight bodies. And with every new Wiesmann manufactured, it celebrates an old legend: the classic sports car.

Fascination on all levels

Driving along idyllic winding country roads, over mountain passes and along river courses in a vehicle that hardly seems to know the limits of physics and with a motor that packs power, one can have a driving experience that is totally unknown to owners of ordinary cars. Exactly this seemingly limitless joy of driving is the utmost goal in developing the Wiesmann sports car. Not only the mechanics are meant to fascinate: 

The design also has its own personality, yet simultaneously follows the tradition of legendary sports models that have elevated stylish and sporty driving to a life style. Therefore, the interior of the Wiesmann sports car has been pared down to the bare necessities but still guarantees perfect handling. The details are worked to the highest standards and are finely tuned.

Individuality in its purest form

But it is not only driving pleasure, design and the highest manufacturing standards that determine the Wiesmann’s value. The deciding factor is the exclusivity of the product, that every single car is truly unique. 

Because the sports car will be handcrafted with precision by specialists to the specifications of its future owner.
Thus we take the idea of individuality in its purest form to the road.