One Wiesmann entails 350 hours of handwork

We will show you, in one hour, why

In the Westphalian town of Dülmen lies the cradle of the Wiesmann sports car. Visit the "glass manufactory" and discover the entire production process, from design to dispatch.

While the construction of a Wiesmann takes 350 hours, from the first bolt until closing the driver’s door, we will make things a little briefer for you: The factory tour, given by experts in the field, takes about one hour and will guide you through the entire production process, with all its different divisions:

Metalworks Processing of metal, steel and aluminium
Bodyworks Genesis of the Roadster- / GT body works
Electronics Wiring harness, instrument installation, electronic tuning / accessories
Tannery Processing of fabrics, carpets and leather
Pre-assembly Completion of engine/ gear box and car body parts
Final assembly Completion of all components through to final inspection

With the demonstration cars, you will receive detailed information about our different types of cars. Of course you will also learn interesting information about the history of the company – from its early beginnings to the various development phases, improvements and future prospects.

After the tour, you are more than welcome to spend a little more time in our manufactory. Have a look at the different cars in our showroom or watch the production in progress from our café.

Register here for a tour of the factory and witness the production of our individually tailored cars.