Wiesmann used cars

A rarity conquers the roads

Whoever drives a Wiesmann can be certain that he or she will be admired as an exotic rarity on the road. The chance that others will ever see a real Wiesmann “live” – especially in comparison with other car brands – is truly minimal.

Our exclusive family, however, is growing a little bit every day. That is because we deliver almost 200 new Wiesmann cars a year. The superior quality of our sports cars means that even Roadsters from the first production in 1993 are still in such good condition that the term “used car” would be nearly absurd. We are very proud of this: It is an expression and confirmation of the meticulous craftsmanship of our handmade cars!

Timeless quality with a lasting appreciation – these are the trademarks of our previously owned cars.
At our manufacturing plant in Dülmen or our various partner dealerships, you can find a selection of well looked after, previously owned sports cars.